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AI that subtly mentions your product on social media

Replydude's AI naturally recommends your product on Twitter and Reddit posts


Trusted by 50+ SaaS business owners

How it works?

01 Add your project and select keywords relevant to your project for Replydude's AI to scour the web for.
02 Replydude's AI automatically starts tracking these keywords on the internet in the background
03 The AI then chooses high quality, recent, and relevant posts where your product deserves a shoutout in the replies.
04 The AI then generates a reply that answers user's query and then subtly mentions your product. That's it!

Configure at your ease

- 100% configurable AI

If you do not like our generated replies, then configure a prompt of your own!

- Easy and affodable

A simple pricing plan to get you started asap! Visit our pricing page page to learn more

- Engaged Audiences

Capture attention and boost traffic (People like finding new stuff online!)

Get the word out!

The more your product gets mentioned, the more are the chances of it being a hit. Start getting those leads now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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AI that subtly mentions your product on social media